Entre d'Eux

This project is about alchemy.
Not the kind that turns lead into gold, but the kind that binds one person to another; hidden amongst the whispered and unspoken words. The alchemy that exists in every move we make, with each other, for each other, because of each other; those gestures that tell truths we cannot hear, lies we cannot see; the errors, the confessions and the unspoken.


Cast :
Luca Aeschlimann
Natalia Fandiño
Sara Olmo
Sergio Mendes
Natalia Weinger

Directed by : Philippe Vande Weghe
Dramaturgy and choregraphy : Angélique Willkie
Scenography : Anne Straetmans et Suhail Shaikh
Soundtrack : Mark Dehoux in collaboration with Séverine Cayron
Light design : Anne Straetmans
Costumes design : Catherine Piqueray
Production : Christian Gmünder

With help of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service des arts de la rue, du cirque et des arts forains. With the support of Halles de Schaerbeek, Humorologie, maison de la culture de Tournai (in collaboration with le Prato, scène nationale des arts du cirque), centre culturel de Braine l’Alleud, centre culturel d’Ottignies, centre culturel du Brabant wallon, cultuur centrum Berchem, Destelheide, de Charleroi Danses, Garage 29, de Columban Espaces de culture; and with the cooperative support of La Roseraie (Brussels), who has been hosting the Argonauts in-house since 1998.


photos : Rocio Paris